The Faculty of Sociology and Social Research at University of Milano-Bicocca and the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Barcelona invite outstanding postgraduate and senior undergraduate students from universities around the world to join the second edition of its Summer School to be held from 13-24 June, 2016, 1st week (13th-17th) at University of Barcelona and 2nd week (20th- 24TH) at University of Milano-Bicocca

Description and format

The Summer School provides an opportunity to investigate leading-edge theoretical and methodological questions, along with the topic of urban attractiveness and the related policy, in the field of sociology, economics, human geography, urban studies. The final goal of the summer school is to improve the capacity of the students in cooperating with private and public agencies for promoting cities attraction. The summer school will be divided in three sets of lessons and activities devoted to: the analysis of the theoretical and methodological instruments available in order to studying and improving urban attraction; the presentation of successful case studies of city marketing and attraction strategies performed in Italian and European cities; the tour in specific places and “hot-spots” within the two cities in order to corroborate the theoretical part with the empirical field (lessons in the morning and trips in the afternoon). The two universities will feature contributions from internationally renowned figures, from inside and outside of Milan and Barcelona. It offers the opportunity to visit these two European cities: field trips and shared social activities round off the programme. 



Bachelor students, Master Students and policy makers working in the field of urban studies in general, with background knowledge and research interests on:

  1. Types of metropolitan populations living, consuming and working in the cities 
  2. Mobility systems and accessibility to urban opportunities in contemporary cities 
  3. Local resources finalized to develop touristic and job attractions 
  4. Public policies oriented to improve attraction 
  5. Governance and participation models as tools for improving attractions 
  6. Urban rhythms and night attractiveness 
  7. The environmental quality as an urban attractiveness 
  8. Walkability and urban environment.
  9. New forms of urban consumption: the emergence of new forms of tourism
  10. Innovative districts and companies attraction

They are invited to join this Summer School.

The participation fee is €1000,- . Participants who join for the whole course will receive a certificate of participation.

Accommodation and flight are NOT PROVIDED in the tuition fee. 

Program Coordinators:

Giampaolo Nuvolati & Montserrat Pareja Eastaway

-Prof. Giampaolo Nuvolati – Università di Milano Bicocca

-Prof.ssa Montserrat Pareja Eastaway – University of Barcelona

Practical information:

Location:  Barcelona (1st week); Milano (2nd week) Application Deadline: 20th April (can be extended to 11th May)

Prerequisites: BA Degree Requested documents to be uploaded in the application form: CV, ID card or passport.

Target Audience: We welcome students from different disciplines: sociology, anthropology, geography, urban planning, urban design, and architecture, as well as practitioners and policy-makers. We shall be glad to consider any other background deemed  for the program as reflected from the CV of the students.

For further information, contact: