Last July, members of CRIT participated in two conferences taking place in Japan: The XVIII ISA World Congress, with the tittle Facing an Unequal World, and the Third Association for Urban Creativity Conference. Marisol García, Montserrat Pareja and Marc Pradel participated in the conferences taking place in Yokohama (ISA) and Osaka (AUC). The papers presented where the following:

In ISA Conference:

De Weerdt, J. and García, M. Fighting Social Injustice in Spanish Cities: Social Innovation Practices Against Housing Evictions As a Response to the Current Housing Crisis

Pradel, M.: Crisis and (re-)Informalisation Processes: The Cases of Barcelona and Berlin

In AUC conference:

Pareja-Eastaway, M. and Pradel, M. ‘Creativity agglomeration in times of crisis: the case of Barcelona’

UB  CRIT members in Yokohama

Members of CRIT , Renato Marín Marc Pradel and Marisol García (togehter with CECUPS member Sebastià Riutort) during the Yokohama Tour organised by the RC21 of the ISA


Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway with other AUC members




Marc Pradel, Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway, Sebastià Riutort (CECUPS) and Renato Marín during the Osaka AUC Confernece