Revisiting the Arts as a Socially Innovative Urban Development Strategy

Arts and cultural activities have become an increasingly important aspect of urban and regional development.  Can such projects be seen as socially innovative?  Socially innovative projects are here understood as those that create new ways of looking at problems, new organizational means for dealing with problems, and solutions that go beyond market efficiency.  This lecture will consider arts-based redevelopment projects at multiple scales, including initiatives to build regional creative economies and creative clusters, and to revitalize buildings and neighborhoods.  Research for this lecture is drawn primarily from US cities with some examples from Canada and Europe.

Discussant: Montserrat Pareja-Eastaway Research Group  CRIT Coordinator

27 March
Sala de graus
Facultat d’economia i empresa
Universitat de Barcelona
Diagonal, 690
Elizabeth Strom
Elizabeth StromAssociate professor, School of Public Affairs, University of South Florida.
Elizabeth Strom is currently Visiting Professor at the Institute for Multilevel Governance and Development in the University of Vienna, where she will teach on urban development in contemporary Vienna.