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Visting researchers 2016-2017

Katalin AmonPhD Candidate, Doctoral School of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, Central European University, Budapest
As a researcher Katalin Amon is interested in issues of politicization and depoliticization, and, more specifically, in the ways and to the extent housing policies can be changed through politicization. She is conducting a comparative study about Barcelona (Spain) and Budapest (Hungary) to see how the politicization of housing by civil groups and NGOs have led to changes in policy practices and policy discourses.
Giorgos koukoufikisPhD Candidate Urban Studies Unit Gran Sasso Science Institute L'Aquila, Italy
Giorgos Koukoufikis is a PhD Candidate at the Urban Studies unit of the Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy and a visiting doctorate researcher at the Planning and Development research unit of KU Leuven in Belgium. His Ph.D. research project considers the environmental and socio-economic limitations of perpetual economic growth and investigates the role of cities in the scientific debate of the post-growth society, as well as the possibility of them acting as facilitators or preventers of a broader socio-economic systemic transformation. During his research stay in Barcelona at the spring quarter of 2017, he investigates the responses of micro-agents, in particular micro-businesses, during the post-2008 era. By conceptualising the crisis as a potential path-breaking event he examines the micro-businesses’ (conscious or not) reaction to an insecure, constantly changing environment in order to test if they can fit with expectations arising from the theoretical investigations of the post-growth scholars.
Deborah MascarenhasMaster Student, Universidade de Coimbra
Luca Sara BrodyPhD Student in Urban Studies, Gran Sasso Science Institute
Luca finished her masters in sociology and economics in her hometown Budapest, Hungary, and later has been trained as a critical urban sociologist at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Currently she is a second year PhD candidate in Urban Studies at the Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila, Italy. Luca’s research focuses on the possibilities of contestation of neoliberal processes after a moment of crisis, taking into account value orientation towards the realms of social justice and equity, and how well these discourses permeate the public sphere. Based on the comparison of two European cities, her fieldwork is carried out during a visiting stay at the University of Barcelona and at Central European University in Budapest. In her research, Luca aims to unfold the consequences of the mobilisation of civil society in urban governance, regarding the practices of various reuses of urban municipal vacant land, analysing how and if post-crisis initiatives can contribute to alternative understandings of the capitalist cityscape.
Rachel WeberProfessor, Great Cities Institute, University of Illionis, Chicago
Rachel Weber is a Professor in the Urban Planning and Policy Department and a Faculty Fellow at the Great Cities Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she teaches courses and conducts research in the fields of economic development, urban policy, and public finance. She is the author of Swords into Dow Shares: Governing the Decline of the Military Industrial Complex and co-editor of the Oxford Handbook of Urban Planning, a compilation of 40 essays by leading urban scholars. Her latest book, From Boom to Bubble: How Finance Built the New Chicago, was recently published by the University of Chicago Press. Recent articles on infrastructure privatization and real estate cycles have appeared in the Journal of Cultural Economy, Urban Studies, and the Journal of Planning Education and Research. During her AY 2016-17 sabbatical at the University of Barcelona she is researching how «progressive» mayoral administrations elected after the crisis balance their simultaneous antipathy toward and dependence on the financial sector.

In addition to her academic responsibilities, she has served as an advisor to planning agencies, political candidates, and community organizations on issues related to financial incentives, property taxes, and neighborhood revitalization. She was appointed to then-presidential candidate Barack Obama´s Urban Policy Committee in 2008 and by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to the Tax Increment Financing Reform Task Force in 2011 to provide recommendations to his new administration for reforming this financing tool.

Former visting researchers

Caroline Chapain University of Birmingham

E.Szczech-Pietkiewicz and Katarzyna Negacz Warsaw School of Economics

Julie Deweerdt University of Antwerp

Pedro Limón Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Sofia Pagliarin University of Leuven/ Università Milano-Bicocca

Monica Degen University of Brunel