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Full Professor


Research interests

  • Cities
    • Urban transformations
    • Governance
    • Effects of the economic crisis in urbanization
    • Urban regeneration and public spaces
  • Citizenship
    • New social inequalities
    • Immigration and patterns of social incorporation
    • Urban social justice
    • New forms of poverty and new social risks
  • Social innovation
    • Civil society and social innovation
    • Path dependence and institutional innovation
    • Social movements as innovation actors


Lastest publications

  • Garcia, M. (2017) State-lead real estate boosterism and the breakdown of the Spanish urban model in C. Morel Journel and G. Pinson (eds) Debating the Neoliberal City. London. Routlede.: 174-197.
  • Cano, A, Pradel, M & Garcia, M (2017) Barcelona: policies for social cohesion in the context of urban competitiveness. in Cucca, R & Ranci, C (eds) The challenge of post-industrial transition in times of austerity. London. Routledge.: 115-137.
  • Garcia, M & Vicari, S (2016) ‘Special Issue: housing and community needs and social innovation responses in times of crisis’Journal of Housing and Built Environment 31(3).: 393-407.
  • De Weerdt, J & Garcia, M (2016) Housing crisis: the Platform of Mortgage Victims (PAH) movememt in Barcelona and innovations in governance Journal of Housing and Built Environment 31(3)-: 471-493
  • Garcia, M (2016) Cities and Crisis; New Critical Urban Theory. Book review of Kunifo Fujita (ed) 2013 International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 40(2).: 472-473.
  • Garcia, M (2016) Can Tocqueville Karaoke? Global Contrast of Citizens Participation. Book review of Terry Nichols Clark et al 2014 American Journal of Sociology. 121(5), 1607-1609.
  • Garcia, M Eizaguirre, S & Pradel (2015) Social innovation and creativity in cities: A socially inclusive governance approach in two peripheral spaces of Barcelona City, Culture and Society Doi:10.1016/j.ccs.2015.07.001.
  • Pradel, M Garcia, M Eizaguirre, S (2013) ‘Theorizing multi-level governance in social innovation dynamics’ in F. Moulaert, D. MacCallum, A. Mehmood, A. Hamdocuch (eds) The International Handbook on Social Innovation. Cheltenham. Edward Elgar.:155-168.
  • Garcia, M (2013) ‘Barcelone:régenération urbaine, culture, innovation sociale et gouvernance’ in. Lefèvre, C, Roseau, N et Vitale, T.(eds) De la Ville à la Métropole, Paris, L’Oeil d’Or, 2013.: 287 – 303
  • Mónica Degen and Marisol García (2012) The transformation of the ‘Barcelona Model’: an analysis of culture , urban regeneration and governance. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Volume 36. Number 5. : 1022-1038.
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Research projects (since mid 1990s)

ð (2015-2017) INNOSOGO Innovación social y gobernanza: retos para ciudades en transformación.

ð (2016) Social Innovation and Governance: housing, employment and neighbourhood in Chicago. (with the support of the Fulbright Programme and the University of Illinois Chicago.

ð (2011-2015) ISCH COST Action IS1102. Social Services, Welfare State and Places: The restructuring of social services in Europe and its impacts on social and territorial cohesion and governance. European Cooperation in Science & Tecnology. (17 countries and 30 participants).  Management Committee elected member.

ð (2009) Ciutadania – Translocal Citizenship The project “Local and transnational citizenship in Catalunya” studies the political participation and incorporation of migrants in the cities Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona. The project is directed by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

ð (2007-2008) Social Polis (Social Platform in Cities and Social Cohesion). Spanish Coordinator. 7th Framework Programme. International Coordinator: Frank Moulaert.

ð (2006-2009) KATARSIS (Growing Inequality and Social Innovation: Alternative Knowledge and Practice in Overcoming Social Exclusion in Europe). Spanish Coordinator within the 6th EU Framework Programme. International Coordinator: Frank Moulaert.

ð (2004) Life Chances and citizenship dynamics in two regions of Italy and Spain. Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia. Universitat de Milano-Bicocca.

ð (2001-2004) EUROPUB (European Public Space Observatory: Assembling Information that Allows the Monitoring of European Democracy). Spanish Coordinator for the research project within the Fifth EU Framework Programme. Project leader for the Social Policy Case Study.

ð (1998-1999) INPART (Inclusion Through Participation) Spanish coordinator for the research project within the Fourth EU Framework Programme.

ð (1998-1999) SEDEC (Comparative Social Inclusion Policies & Citizenship in Europe: Towards a New European Social Model). Thematic Network within the Fourth EU Framework Programme with 12 EU countries included (all except Ireland, Greece and Luxembourg).

ð (1996-1998) ESOPO (Evaluation of Social Policies against Social Exclusion at the Local Urban Level). Spanish coordinator for the research financed within the Fourth EU Framework Programme. International coordinator of the project: Chiara Saraceno (University of Turin).

PhD Thesis Supervision

  • ‘Labour markets regimes and flexicurity in European advanced economies.’ Rosella Ciccia. European PhD in Socio-Economics and Statistical Studies. Università  La Sapienza, Roma. (co-direction). Thesis defended on the 26th February 2010. Cum Laude.
  • ‘Procesos de integración y exclusión social en los jóvenes en barrios periféricos de Barcelona y Milán.’ Ana Cano. Universitat de Barcelona. Facultat de Economia i Empresa. Thesis defended on the 26th November 2011. Sobresaliente Cum Laude
  • ‘Governança, innovació econòmica i social en dues regions metropolitanas europeas: Barcelona i Birmingham.’ Marc Pradel. Universitat de Barcelona Thesis defended on the  2nd March 2012. Sobresaliente Cum Laude.
  • ‘Innovacó social i governança urbana.’ Entitats socialment creativas a Barcelona i Bilbao”. Santiago Eizaguirre. Universitat de Barcelona. Thesis defence 5th July 2012.Apto. Cum Laude.
  •  ‘La segregación residencial en las grandes ciudades de Chile: 1990-2010. Dinámica del mercado de vivienda y política habitacional.’ Andrea Muñoz Aravena. Universitat de Barcelona. Expected defence in December 2013. (co-directed with Cristina López)
  • ‘Análisis de las desigualdades sociales en Chile entre los años 1990 y 2009. Oportunidades vitales y necesidades de los hogares y diferencias regionales.’Luis Marcelo Silva Burgos. 2010-2013. (co-directed with Jordi Caís)
  • ‘Job-Seekers: Job-search strategies of university graduates aged 24-29 years in Spain, the Netherlands and United Kingdom’ European PhD in Socio-Economics and Statistical Studies. University of Barcelona. Selene Camargo Correa. 2010-2014.
  • ‘L’impacte de la Llei de Promoció de l’Autonomia Personal i Atenció a les persones en situació de Dependència en el model de cura familiar tradicional i en els serveis socials.’ Cristina Rimbau. Universitat de Barcelona. 2012-2115. (co-directed)
  • Reestructuración del estado del bienestar en Sur de Europa. Impacto sobre la pobreza de los servicios sociales básicos y de los servicios de atención a la primera infancia en Tarragona. Sergi Sanchez, Universitat de Barcelona 2013-2017. (co-dirigida con Anna Escobedo)
  • Inequality as Global Risk: A comparative study of of the consequences of inequality in the Social Contract in Germany and Brazil. Christian Büdgen Scario. Universitat the Barcelona. 2014-2018