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Predoctoral researcher at the University of Barcelona, he holds a Master on History of Economics and a Degree in Economics. His research interests are focused on Social Exclusion, Disequality, Local Development, Social Innovation and Social Movements. Currently, his PhD research estudies innovatives answers from civil society to the increase of desequality and social exclusion. He has partipated in differents research proyects, in the fields of Economic Thought and Social Innovation. He has been a visiting researcher at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Since 2014, is member of the research group CRIT (Creativity, Innovation and Urban Transformation).

Research Interests

Social Innovation

Social Movements

Social Exclusion

Local development


Latest Publications

  • Ruiz Sola, Raúl. Research Paper “The economic thought of Georg Simmel. Spreading in Spain”. Presentado en el congreso de clausura del proyecto European e-Translations into and from European Languages, financiado por la Comisión Europea. 2013. http://eet.pixel-online.org/files/research_papers/SP/El%20Pensamiento%20Economico%20de%20Georg%20Simmel%20.pdf
  • Ruiz Sola, Raúl. “Guía didáctica para el análisis de la traducción española de Política social y economía política” de Gustav Von Schmoller”. Incluye ejercicios didácticos para su aplicación a la asignatura de pensamiento económico. 2013. http://eet.pixel-online.org/guides03.php
  • Ruiz Sola, Raúl. “Guide to the analysis of the spanish traslation of Robert Owen´s A New View of Society, Essays of the formation of human character”. Incluye ejercicios didácticos para su aplicación a la asignatura de pensamiento económico. 2013. http://eet.pixel-online.org/guides07.php
  • Ruiz Sola, Raúl. “El capital social comunitario en la economía social”. Tesina final del máster. 2012
  • Ruiz Sola, Raúl. “Auditorías y balances sociales en la economía social. Modelo Balance Social XES 2011”. http://xes.cat/docs/xs51031.pdf. 2011-2012.