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Juan Vidaechea was awarded with the Universitat de Barcelona’s Extraordinary Completion of Master’s Degree Prize in the Cultural Management degree (2013) and is currently PhD student in the Management of Culture and Heritage program in UB.

His PhD project explores the conditions for the emergence, generation and exchange of knowledge with symbolic component in temporal or permanent creative communities agglomerations taking place at the intersection between culture, creativity, innovation, economy and territory. He has participated in the project INRED and in the research project “Factories of creativity in Barcelona: What middleground devices?”

He has participated in national and international conferences. He was invited to the presentation conference of the Nasjonalt kunnskapssenter for kulturelle næringer (Norwegian Centre for the transference of knowledge in cultural industries) in Lillehammer and Molde (Norway). He has also presented his research outputs in the conference City Futures: cities as strategic places and players in a globalized world, organized by the European Urban Research Association (EURA) and the Urban Affairs Association (UAA).

He has been associate professor in the Universitat de Barcelona and has obtained a Culturex scholarship granted by the Spanish Secretary of the State for Culture in 2015.